Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summers Summerised!

Hmm…ok so life has been a bit busy these days on my side: joined an internship at a pharma multinational and things are really going good. So what next? Could I expect a job or something from the new place? I could only hope to get one! Well anyways, life goes on and so does work. There are ample of opportunities out there and one should not commit oneself to sticking at places where they feel down. “Employability” should be the motto: a place where an employee is empowered means everything to me when I think of a proper “work place”.

Apart from work life discussion, there are things in life that I am really led down by. Its my university in specific that Im talking about currently. August 2010 showed me one of the ugliest sides of Szabist when everything turned out against me for doing nothing wrong. I had recently completed my bachelors in May: yes guys I was finally a graduate. It just couldn’t have been better then this! Life was good. However, a few days later, I had to experience the sluggish economy impacts in the form of bad job market, reference issues (parchi as you may call it), and the never ending problem of transport, in the form of heavy loaded busses! Argh! Life isn’t so easy after all.

What I decided then, was to connect again with contacts I made through previous internships at Siemens and PSO. I had a number of a few top level people, who were nice to me during the tenor of internship and had offered me full support when I graduate. Well, here I was, standing at Siemens SITE again, hoping that the business unit manager who headed me would allow me in. much to my dismay, things did not turned out the way I thought. I kept waiting for 2 hours and the response came out negative: I was asked to communicate only through email. Not considering it as a lost hope, I decided to continue my approach of reconnecting with “good people” I found through internships.

Apart from my continuous job hunt process, I had heavily relied on EDC (even though I’ve had bad experiences previously – got disapproved from internships even after clearing all the interview requirements!) Oh well, this is life I guess, especially when it comes to Pakistan =). God Bless us all and our Beloved Country.

I wasn’t able to get hold of any jobs through EDC, though it helped me out in getting an internship at the pharma company I mentioned about above.

So I was talking about my bad experience at Szabist. Yes, it was a bad one, and most importantly for doing nothing illegal. Actually, I decided to start off with MBA sooner than my batch mates, i.e. in Summers of 2010. I came across and interesting course, Investment Banking, which I thought would really help me out in getting to know about the mechanics of investment firms and how profit is actually made. Although I did come across various new information that doubled my love for making money through stocks, yet the environment and tone of the study was purely bookish. I wanted some real exposure, possibly some investment firm practical mechanics: how they work and make judgements about stocks etc.

Well, back to the bad experience story. My life became miserable when I found out in August that a new MBA policy had been devised by the university: a 1.5 year MBA program with some modifications in the grading policy. It was easier now to clear a course than before. But, the twist in my life came when, despite the fact that I had graduated in May 2010 and the policy practically applies to all my batch mates (and off course, me) I was deprived of it. Therefore, I had do a 2 year MBA with a grading plan of the previous batch.. This was just insane! I couldn’t believe how the administration could do such a thing to me, and the other two along who took courses in summers. We insisted on changing our ids (09XXXXX) with (10XXXXX), but a big NO was our fate.

It was not until we finally decided to go to the dean to decide our fates. He then finally approved our MBA 1.5 year plans, but with the old grading policy. Now how good is that? Is it a deal worth it? “Nothing else could be done” was the reply when asked. Is this fair? I don’t think so. But the admin doesn’t seem to realise.

Well, this is our (my) fate as of now. We (I)) have to follow the rules. Rebel is not an option for us (me), or else its dismissal. I hope things do turn out well when I join back in Spring 2011.



  1. OUCH!
    Thankfully it's a 1.5 year MBA program . . .
    Waiting for you in Spring . . .

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