Sunday, December 27, 2009

My views about the movie 2012

Today I really thought about discussing with my followers something I was thinking of after I watched the Movie 2012. Since ive been free these days from the mental torture of reports and presentations I face from SZABIST, I felt why not relax out for a while and enjoy vacations while others still run for the race....

Oh well, regarding the movie, the execution and direction seemed good, though i feel it was running way too fast..i mean, it started off in a rushing manner and it took me time to figure out what was happening.

Apart from that, there was something I really find interesting about american movie directors after watching these type of movies: the americans have gone way too far to make money! I mean, these people are some capitalists: they make up a movie showing america breaking into pieces with its president so hopeless, and dieing himself for that matter, just to make sure the world watches it with excitement.....and to make more MONEY out of it. I mean, how can you do that? Consider Pakistan for that matter: the Pakistanis would I guess, would never ever show their land breaking into pieces...not even the hardest critic would do that. Everybody here prays for a better future and try to make movies (well, they usually fail to make good ones) to show Pakistan prospering! Look at the movie Jinnah; it seems so aspiring! This shows the different mindset Pakistani people have from western countries.

Another thing in the movie was trying to portray that the world is not fair, and that only the rich would survive. This is something negative I find in this movie. Although its totally correct and practical, but still atleast a ray of hope should also be shown, as many other movies do.

One of my good friends also pointed out that its always the black presidents who tend to be undecisive and force america into brink of disaster. Why? why is it always so? I think its a clear indication of racial discrimination (I might be a bit too extreme, but this is what I feel)..

Well, this is what I thought about the movie and your views about it might be totally different so its completely fine to disagree with me! =D