Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Ideas: How to track employee performance

This post is basically a gist of the points mentioned in the article published in an online website that discusses some facts managers should look into: a summary of some of the essential points for managers who ought to judge their employee performances.

First and foremost, the author suggests that targets should not be set got long term goals; it should be set for a rather smaller period such as on a quarterly basis rather than yearly. This makes it easier for managers to judge employee performance in a better and sound manner.

Secondly, the author asks managers not to use too much mathematics for performance check. A simple and rather straightforward method might be more beneficial and rather easy both for the manager and for the employee to cope up with.

Thirdly, help in any form from other should be fully appreciated and counted in for judging performance. The author in this case points out that not every manager is perfect and help is indeed an option. This would in the end be helpful as new ideas would pour in which would make the measurement more credible and help resolve a difficult task.

Fourthly, for performance to be judged effectively, managers should not take into account factors that are not in control by the employees.

Lastly, providing freedom to analyze an employee’s performance by oneself would be more helpful in correcting the failures/problems of the past. This is indeed a very helpful step for every employee in judging his own performance rationally and dealing it in the long run.

The article mainly informs managers and those who read about some of the most intelligent steps that managers should take in this corporate world to overcome performance management problems that are being faced. It acts as a checklist for both managers and employees about how to judge and how one should work in effectively in a corporate world to ensure progress.

Source: Canadianbusiness Entrepreneur (Human Resource) Section (Website)

Moiz Damani is currently a student at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, pursuing an MBA degree with specialization in Finance.

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